HART DD Library 2022 #1  Now Available
Effective Date:
July 29, 2022
Maintenance Release
Affected Product(s):
FDIsync Library
Product Line:
Subscriber Rights and Responsibilities 

Subscribers to the FieldComm Group FDIsync Library are authorized to use the Device Descriptions distributed through this service in host applications or devices for which they provide support or are the supplier. No other uses are authorized. Subscribers may reproduce and distribute these materials for internal use within their own company. FieldComm Group FDIsync Library distribution may not be resold or otherwise distributed. 


Is this a required or optional update? 
This is a required update for all licensees of the HART DD Library.

Can I read the End User License Agreement? 
Please visit the FieldComm Group website to read the license agreement.

How can the update be obtained?    
New FDIsync Library license holders will be contacted to activate an account. Contact Tech Support with questions.

Where can I find more information about the transition to FDIsync? 
Please visit the Support Portal for Q&A about the transition.

Need additional information or have a question?    
Please contact Tech Support

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