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Want to know how to develop and register a WirelessHART device? This webinar will provide a step-by-step guidance of the process, from the decisions that must be made during the development process to instructions on how to successfully register your device at FieldComm Group. We will show examples of WirelessHART devices for steam trap monitoring, safety relief valve monitoring and other applications.

We held a webinar on this topic in February. If you missed it or want to refresh your knowledge of WirelessHART and see additional content showcasing examples of WirelessHART devices, register to attend today!
This webinar is free and designed for anyone interested in WirelessHART development. Participants will receive a PDF copy of the WirelessHART Product Development guide.
Webinar Speakers
Robert Assimiti - Co-Founder and CEO
Centero, LLC

Robert Assimiti is the Co-Founder and CEO of Centero, LLC. He has over 18 years of technical leadership in the wireless IoT/IIoT arena. He has architected and developed several highly scalable, widely deployed mesh based wireless product lines for both commercial and industrial wireless markets and applications. Robert manages a team of technologists focused on the creation of new technologies, standardization and generation of novel intellectual property. He has also authored and co-authored several patents. 
Philippe Moock - Global Director Thermal Insight Group
Armstrong International

Philippe started his career in factory automation before joining Armstrong in 2011. He currently leads the “Thermal Insight Group” focused on digital transformation of thermal utilities and providing insights to optimized them. Philippe holds a master in mechanical engineering degree from Belgium, where he is from, as well as an MBA from the US. Citizen of the world, he has lived and worked in Belgium, Florida (USA), India and China before moving to Michigan (USA) in 2017.
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