FieldComm Group Addresses Sensitive Terms
Dear Member,
FieldComm Group, as a standards organization, would like to share our position on sensitive language used within the scope of our specifications and other documents. Our awareness of offensive alternate meanings for several de facto standard terms which are used throughout the technology industry has led us in the direction of recommending alternative language. Migrating away from the use of these terms would require changes to specifications, marketing materials, software, Electronic Device Descriptions and other assets.
FieldComm Group’s recommendations for replacement terms are listed below. We will work diligently with the industry’s standard organizations to collectively decide upon the updated terms, and in the meantime we have adopted the following changes for more inclusive terminology:
Materials referencing FieldComm Group technologies and the organization are expected to be inclusive and facilitate diversity. As such, members are strongly encouraged to use neutral and inclusive language to ensure the best environment possible for the whole FieldComm Group community.
As we update policies and style guides to reflect these changes, please understand that:
  • such changes will not affect the current conformance of any of your company’s existing products or new products that incorporate FieldComm Group standards until such a time as the standards are updated to incorporate new terms
  • existing FieldComm Group policies will be used to determine when registered products must conform to the new standard terms.
We hope that this clarifies our position on this important matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, please feel free to share any suggestions for additional alternative words and phrases.
Thanks for your membership of FieldComm Group!
Paul Sereiko
Director – Marketing and Product Strategy
FieldComm Group