Release 1.1.1 - June 2022

New features or components in this release:

Latest nuget package for .NET UIP support

Latest typescript files for HTML5 UIP support 

The following CRs were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services

CR/Bug NumberSummary
3545PADIM: Reference to additional SemanticMap are added. Resolved SemanticMap Document (RSD) changed to v1.8. See FDI_SemanticMap_XML_v1.8.xsd
3529GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE support VARIABLE with HANDLING WRITE. No value will be shown.
3513 Device response code is shown when write changed variable to device. Extended DMS service Commit, result information contains error messages
3448 Profibus/Profinet: IF conditionals are not being executed in Default value. The calculation of conditioned default values in offline case is implemented. In the online case the variable initialized offline if VARIABLE of CLASS LOCAL or read from device if VARIABLE of CLASS DEVICE.
3404 Support HART test case HQAENV18040.


  1. Changed variable is not overwritten by implicit read (reading another variable). 

  1. Changed variable is not overwritten by explicit read (using builtin send/send_trans). 

3182 GET_DEV_VAR_VALUE leads to crash or hanging system. Internal handling of METHOD execution and subscription fixed.
1869 FF: support loading of persistency (EDD FILE with LIST elements). Dynamic list is initialized correctly when calling DMS service StartGetParameters.

EDD Engine

CR/Bug NumberSummary
3743EDD Engine crashes if itoa() built-in is called with wrong argument
3811EDD Engine may crash during access to grid item
2999EDD Engine is not unpacking "Attribute_name" correctly at all the places
3465AccessViolation when calling EddEngineLog() with more than one item in the format string

Known Issues

Known issues at the time of release are included below. If additional notable issues are found with this version of the product, they will be added to this log for reference with the date they were reported.

CR/Bug NumberComponentSummaryReported Date

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