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Windows 10 Update lost USB Port Drivers

Issue: We have an issue running the HART Wi-Analys device on my recently upgraded Windows 10 workstation.  The Wi-Analys WHART sniffer USB device does not appear to work with Windows 10.  


Explanation: The cause is a known issue with a Windows 10 update.  Windows may have lost the USBXpress drivers which were installed with Wi-Analys. 

Solution:  First, try re-installing Wi-Analys on your PC. If the Wi-Analys was operating prior to the Windows update, then the first step is to be sure the ports are operating normally. Remove Wi-Analys and its USB cable from the computer's USB Port, then work through these solutions:


If the USB port is functioning again, re-attach the Wi-Analys. At this point, if Wi-Analys is not responding, please contact support.


Why is there a Windows message about the firewall settings when I launch Wi-Analys?

Issue: Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program: Windows Firewall has blocked some features of WiAnalysPacketServer on all public, private and domain networks.


Explanation: Wi-Analys requires permission to access communications.

Solution:  Click Allow access.  


PDUs sent from our device to the gateway are not decoded

Issue: Wi-Analys must "hear" the entire join process for a device in order to de-crypt further traffic on the wireless network.


1. Start the gateway and wait for it to boot. Double check that you have the correct network ID and the correct Join Keys in the Device Network dialog.  

2. Start WA and wait for the yellow messages that say Wi-Analys has connected to it’s radio (observe it collecting packets, if that’s possible)

3. Then apply power to the test device. Leave it powered down long enough for the network to actually drop the device, up to 2 minutes. 

How can I capture Wi-Analys Logs? 


1. Start Wi-Analys

2. Verify the HART Packet Server is running, there should be an icon in the toolbar that is active:

3. Captured live data is always written to a .log file, which contains only this ASCII packet stream.

Wi-Analys Connection Error: Invalid Device Number

Issue: Wi-Analys reports "Invalid device number".  Wi-Analys Packet Server output says "Control port: Invalid device number" and "Control Port: channel closed". Wi-Analys Packet Server USB Connections shows a long string of numbers and letters which does not match the serial number printed on the Wi-Analys case.

Explanation: The unit firmware was possibly corrupted. 

Solution: Contact technical support.