We are happy to announce the dates for the year-end Working Groups Summary Meeting, the 2022 Working Group meetings and the next Annual Member meeting. 


2021 Working Group Accomplishments - Summary Meeting (VIRTUAL) 


December 8-9, 2021 

This meeting will summarize our 2021 Working Group activities. It will include presentations from FieldComm Group and the Working Group/Project Group leaders and will provide an overview of major accomplishments of 2021 and plans for 2022. We are planning on two 2-hour sessions each day.


2022 Annual Member Meeting (VIRTUAL) 


March 2, 2022


The Annual Member Meeting will provide members with an update of the overall state of the organization and company financials, and will be accompanied by an annual board of director election. All Annual Meetings to be virtual from now on, to provide more members an opportunity to attend and become a part of the FieldComm Group community. 


2022 Working Group Meetings 


Working Group meetings provide an opportunity for marketing and technical professionals to meet over multiple days and contribute to the strategic direction of FieldComm Group. These events are free of charge. We plan for all three Working Group meetings in 2022 to be face-to-face meetings. 

Seattle, WA
February 28 - March 3

Lyon, France
July 18-21