FieldComm Group Website Updated!
We are happy to announce the launch of our newly updated website. The updated website features a design refresh, improved navigation for the website users and a more flexible and user friendly backend interface for the FieldComm Group staff.

Notable highlights in this major update include the addition of dedicated technology sections for PA-DIM and Ethernet-APL, which can now be accessed from the main menu, the addition of a dedicated VIDEO CONTENT section, featuring our growing collection of videos posted on our YouTube channel: technology solutions, talks presented by FieldComm Group staff, members and guests at various venues, recorded webinars and product "how-to" help videos for developers.

Another notable feature is the addition of the following two sections on the main page: GET ON THE PATH OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION where visitors can quickly access information about building, testing and registering their products; and the FIELDCOMM GROUP section where we highlight the latest technology updates and share information about major milestones, achievements and events, and post important announcements.  Members are able to see the latest information at a glance on our newly designed homepage.

HART-IP is also presented in a dedicated section, to bring it to the forefront of our technology portfolio. We have included helpful technical papers and video content highlighting HART-IP’s ease of use, security and flexibility to enhance process automation infrastructure and field devices.
The major update is another step closer to a unified message and consistency on the adoption of our technologies and most importantly, the utilization of standardized solutions in the process industry. FieldComm Group is excited to share its vision with the industry through this update of the website. We encourage our members to take a look!