Steps To A Successful Registration Campaign




Obtain the Registration Kit


The registration kit contains all of the required documentation and instructions concerning test and registration of a Foundation Fieldbus H1 Power Supply/Conditioner.    


Contact the Test Administrator


Testing in our labs is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  When you are ready to schedule your product:

  1. Open a Support Ticket, Request "Product Registration" and then "FF H1 Power Supply " and attach “Test Report Audit Request Form” from the registration kit as attachment to the ticket.

    Please fill out the form completely, telling us everything about the product…model name, etc., along with your contact information.

  2. Provide a Purchase Order (see the fee schedule published here and the requirements below)


Once your request has been processed, your lab dates are only tentatively reserved. To confirm the reservation in the FF lab schedule, we must also receive a valid purchase order on an official purchase order form from your company.   



Purchase Order Requirements


Lab time will not be scheduled until an official purchase order is provided by the manufacturer to cover all expected costs for a typical test campaign of the type associated with the product(s) to be tested.


In all circumstances, there will be two types of fees that should be on the purchase order:


1. Registration Certificate Fee – these fees differ for each type of product.

2. Testing Services Fees or Audit Fees – these fees depend on the type of product.

See Testing and Registration Fees and review the published fees for "Network Component Testing and Registration Services"


For example, an H1 Power Supply registration would require the following purchase order:

H1 Power Supply Registration Fee $750*

H1 Power Supply Report Self-Test Audit Fee $500

* NOTE: A different fee applies to a family of Power Supply/Conditioners. 




Complete Required Documentation  

Test Report Audit & Registration Request (Doc ID# FR10141)

Power Supply Compliance Report (Doc ID# FF-832)  The compliance report (FF-832) must include customer data sheets that can be used to cross-reference the results found in the compliance report. The data sheet(s) should clearly describe the characteristics and features of the power supply in FF-832 that were tested, and all associated options or components of the product offering.

Complex Implementations of a power supply may be considered as part of a single submission and can be described in a single test report so long as they meet the description and requirements set forth in section 9 of FF-532 Power Supply Registration Process. Manufacturers should contact FieldComm Group technical staff to verify test strategy prior to completing their test reports for complex implementations. Multiple power supply modules in a complex implementation will each require their own registration fee.

A manufacturer can choose to register a power supply family as defined in section 10 of FF-532 Power Supply Registration Process. Every member of the power supply family that is to be considered for registration must be described in one or more provided customer data sheets, and any unusual differences between family members must be included as notes in the compliance report.

Forms are provided in the registration kit.

The information in this document is not all-inclusive of the entire process of registering a Foundation Fieldbus H1 Power Supply. Please carefully read the Registration Process document included in the registration kit.