Release - Aug 2021

Summary of this release:

Critical fix to Device Model Services (DMS) to correct a crash situation when an FDI Download is occurring and the package contains an EDD VARIABLE that has no write command associated with it. 

Critical update to a component within User Interface Engine (UI Engine) for the CefSharp library (a Chromium component) reported to contain a critical vulnerability. A newer version of this library is integrated into the source for this host component.   

The following CRs were resolved in this release:

Device Model Services (DMS)

CR/Bug NumberSummary

Model semantic maps as Variables instead of attributes.   Provided a new schema (.xsd) files to support model change.

3396PA-DIM: Support EDD MENU as folder type to list any items in any order
3488 Fix crash, when FDI Download is active and EDD VARIABLE has no write command

Add DD code and tokenized DD for EDD METHOD execution

Add changes related to VS2019 and Framework v142.

User Interface Engine (UI Engine)

CR/Bug NumberSummary
3499Changed CefSharp.Wpf library from v71.0.0 to v86.0.241

Known Issues

Known issues at the time of release are included below. If additional notable issues are found with this version of the product, they will be added to this log for reference with the date they were reported.

CR/Bug NumberComponentSummaryReported Date