Updated HART Test Specifications are Available for
Member Review and Comments

Deadline: September 9, 2021

FieldComm Group team and members of the HART Technology Working Group have updated two of the HART Protocol Test Specifications, Universal Command Test Specification and Common Practice Command Test Specification, to include test coverage for HART-IP field devices.
Prior to their official release, FieldComm Group members are provided the opportunity to review them and submit comments. The deadline for comment submission is September 9, 2021. Please download and review these test specifications using instructions below.

Notable features in this update are:

Universal Command Test Specification (HCF_TEST -003, FCG TT20003, Revision 5.1)
  • UAL010 test restored per the HART Technology Working Group resolution
  • New UAL013 Test Case B added for LDH compliance in HART-IP devices 
  • All references to Device Reset (Command 42) removed and replaced with CyclePower
  • UAL014 test updated to improve testing of HART 5 devices
Common Practice Command Test Specification (HCF_TEST -004, FCG TT20004, Revision 7.0). This update to the Common Practice Command Test Specifications is focused principally on standardizing test requirements for the new commands added to support HART-IP field devices. 
  • CAL000/CAL001 test updated for new Common Practice Commands
  • New CAL520 Test Case B added to test for HOSTNAME LDH requirements in HART-IP devices
  • CAL532, CAL538, CAL541 and CAL543 tests added for HART-IP field devices
  • All references to Device Reset (Command 42) removed and replaced with CyclePower
  • Editorial improvements made
To submit your comments, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Review the updated specifications. Download the specifications from:

    You will need to create an account on FieldComm Group Workspace if you don't have one, to access the specifications.
  2. Submit comments:
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