HART-IP Server Test Specification Released
Call for Prototype HART-IP Servers for Alpha Test Program
FieldComm Group is excited to announce the release of the HART-IP Server Test Specification to all Members. 

FCG TT20008 {1.0} is the first version of the HART-IP Server Test Specification providing a foundation for the Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) of HART-IP devices. More specifically, the standardized test plans included in it will facilitate the registration of both HART-IP field devices and I/O systems such as gateways and remote I/Os. 
Overview of the Test Specification 
The HART-IP Server Test Specification focuses on the communication's Network Layer that provides the connection between standard TCP/IP communication services and the HART Application Layer (HART Commands). It includes assessments of the following: 
  • Session establishment and management 
  • Sequence number management 
  • HART-IP Request, Response and Burst/Publishing packets 
  • Message identifier handling 
  • HART message (command) management 
Proper operation Token Passing and Direct HART Application Layer packets as well as Audit Logs are assessed. Fuzzing of HART-IP requests is performed to ensure HART-IP communication is robust. 
Call for Prototypes 
FieldComm Group has developed test automation to align with the HART-IP Server Test Specification. We invite developers interested in early access to this test automation to participate in an alpha test program.  Participation requires providing a sample of your HART-IP Server to FieldComm Group to facilitate validation of this test automation.  Participants are required to own a HART Test System with the latest updates installed, version 3.6. 
Please contact the HART-IP Technology Leader, Wally Pratt wpratt@fieldcommgroup.org to join the alpha test program today! 
HART-IP Server Test Specification is available for immediate download by all FieldComm Group members. Access is provided through FieldComm Group’s ShareFile system. If you do not have access, please submit a support ticket.  
For additional information, please visit the support portal. 
If you have any questions, please contact us through FieldComm Group's Support Portal.