Announcing Formation of a New Project Group - FOUNDATION Fieldbus Physical Layer
FieldComm Group is pleased to announce the formation of a new Project Group. The FOUNDATON Fieldbus Physical Layer Project Group falls under the Physical Layer Working Group and will be led by James MacDonald, E.D. Engineering. To express your interest and participate in this newly formed group, please access FieldComm Group Workspace and join the Project Group at:
The FF physical layer project group will address the open Action Requests (ARs) filed in the tracking system of the Fieldbus Foundation relating to H1 physical layer.
1. Scope
The project group will determine the state of the applicable documents, assess the open and assigned ARs, investigate their current state and create a proposal, how to deal with them (e.g. no issue/do not fix, change of document required, missing specification, …) and their impact on specifications and existing or future products for decision by the FF Working Group. Any FF Physical Layer related pending work will be completed.
Based on the decision by the FF Working Group the project group will edit and modify the respective documents, review, and prepare them for balloting as defined in the FieldComm Group processes to close the ARs. Actual work may include validation steps that incorporated changes have the expected impact and no other side effects.
2. Expected Results
  • Assessment document of currently open ARs
  • Modified and verified changed document within the scope of the project group
3. Expected Time Schedule (subject to actual planning of PG)
  • 6 – 9 months for the assessment of ARs
  • 3 months for coordinating the decisions of the FF Working Group
  • 12 months to update the affected documents
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