FDI Technical Specifications 1.3 Available for Review and Comments
Deadline: May 10, 2021

FieldComm Group distributed an FDI Technical Specifications 1.3 ballot to all voting members earlier today. This ballot proposes several updates to the FDI Specifications. 
Notable new features in this update are:
  • FDI -8: EDDL to OPC UA mapping
  • Interactive transfer to the device
  • Feature table in FDI Packages
  • Metadata for documentation attachments
  • New device revision format for Generic Protocol Extensions
  • Support of new protocols using Generic Protocol Extensions
IPR Disclosure
In addition, this announcement also serves as the Official Notice and Call for Disclosure of “any Private Intellectual Property Rights, existing under the law of any nation, owned by either a member or non-member that would conflict, legally bar or adversely affect application or implementation of the proposed Specification in any commercial products.”

The IPR Disclosure Form should be used to report the existence of any IPR that may conflict with the proposed specification within a 90-day period.

While only your company's voting contact can submit a vote on this ballot, ALL FieldComm Group members are welcome to review and submit their comments. To submit your comments, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Review the proposed specifications. Download the specifications from:

    You will need to create an account on FieldComm Group Workspace if you don't have one, to access the specifications.
  2. Submit comments:

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