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Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) Specifications

Comments due by February 21, 2021
FieldComm Group has posted the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) Specifications for member review and comment.

The three specifications were reviewed by the FieldComm Group EDDL Specification Project Group. The updates include enhancements to layout, interactivity for uploads and downloads, as well as clarifications regarding semantic mapping.
Prior to its official release, FieldComm Group members are provided the opportunity to review the specifications and are being asked to submit comments. The deadline for comment submission is February 21, 2021. The specifications will be released once the comments are resolved and changes finalized.
Summary of Changes
EDDL Syntax and Semantics (FCG TS61804-3)
Minor clarifications / corrections have been added to address unintended behaviors for TIME_FORMAT, EDIT_FORMAT, DISPLAY_FORMAT, VISIBILITY, TRANSACTIONS, SEMANITC_MAPPING and variables of type INDEX. Also added the ability to use INIT_ACTIONs and EXIT_ACTIONS to support uploads and downloads. 
EDD Interpretation (FCG TS61804-4)
Minor additions and clarifications to descriptions of offline storage, data caches, root menus upload/download and screen layout. Also added a missing maintenance root menu for handheld applications and added the capability for semantic mapping elements to work at the device level (across blocks).

EDDL Builtin Library (FCG TS61804-5)
Included minor clarifications for the handling of read_value(), send value(), and get_status_value builtins. A missing get_status_value2() builtin was also added.

Review Process

1. Access the Documents for Review
Documents are available for review and comment on FieldComm Group Workspace:

You will need to create an account on FieldComm Group Workspace if you don't have one, to access the specifications.
3. Submit Your Comments
Comments are submitted at the same location you access the documents above. Use the drop down menu next to “Download” to submit your comments. For an overview on how to submit comments, visit our support article. Bulk comment submission is also possible.

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