HART Protocol Test Specifications - Update Released
Important updates following the 7.7 Protocol Specification Release  

FieldComm Group is excited to announce the release of the 2020 updates to the HART Test Specifications. 
The specification updates included in this release are as follows:  
  • Token Passing Data-Link Layer Test Specification (HCF_TEST-001, FCG TS20001, Revision 5.0) is a major revision consisting of clarifications and corrections. Many Data-Link Layer Service tests have moved to the Universal Command Test Specification and apply to all HART-enabled devices.   
  • Universal Command Test Specification (HCF_TEST-003, FCG TT20003, Revision 5.0) is a major revision principally consisting of clarifications and corrections. Some test cases were re-factored between the Token-Passing Data Link Layer and the Universal Command Test Specifications.  
  • Common Practice Command Test Specification (HCF_TEST-004, FCG TT20004, Revision 6.1) is a minor revision with the most notable improvements to Burst Message tests.

    In addition, the test specification has been improved to incorporate many clarifications and corrections based on developer experience.
HART Test Specifications are available for immediate download by all FieldComm Group members. Access is provided through FieldComm Group’s ShareFile system. If you do not have access, please submit a support ticket.  
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