Current Release

December 2020The following documents were updated in this release:

FCG_TT20001{5.0} Token-Passing Data Link Layer 
• DLL032 (UAL014) was divided into common tests (now in Slave Universal Command Test

Specification) and those specific to the Token-Passing Data-Link Layer (which remain in DLL032).

• DLL034 (UAL004) and DLL038 (UAL015) were moved to Slave Universal Command Test


• The "References" Subsections have been updated and typos in them fixed;

• Confirmation (in DLL018) that the Device Variable list is populated;

• DLL023 now confirms the Burst-mode Bit is set per Specification requirements;

• In FindNextDeviceVariable, use of Response Code "Dynamic Variables Returned for Device

Variables" is confirmed

• Added a couple of failure point numbers resulting from above improvements.

FCG_TT20002{2.2} FSK Physical Layer Test Specification 
  No changes for this release.
FCG_TT20003{5.0} Universal Command Test Specification

• Document number corrected from FCG TT20005 to FCG TT20003

• Corrected UAL009. msg1 no longer getting overwritten near FP 2785

• Improved UAL048 to reduce probability of false failures due to entering the test with More Status

Available set of Condensed Status interactions.

• Test cases were re-factored between the Token-Passing Data-Link Layer and Universal Command

Test Specifications. Application Layer specific requirements from DLL032 and DLL034 were moved to this Test Specification resulting in new test cases including:

  • UAL003 Write Polling Address (Commands 6 and 7)
  • UAL004 Read Unique Identifier with Tag (Command 11)
  • UAL014 Read Unique Identifier (Command 0)
  • UAL015 Read Unique Identifier With Long Tag (Command 21)

• Improved UAL011 to assess only Device Variables are used in Command 3.

• Removed UAL010 Verify Cold Start Bit. Cold Start Bit not useable on WirelessHART, HART-IP and questionable on HART 4-20mA.

FCG_TT20004{6.1} Common Practice Command Test Specification

• Corrected some entries in Table 5.

• Replaced Response Code 0 with "Success"

• Made some improvements to CAL104A

• Made a correction in CAL108A

• Fixed a typo in CheckBurstCommands - Table 26

• Made an improvement in CheckForCommand

• CheckReadyForBurst enhanced to initialize all burst message to a known configuration

• DisableBurstMode and EnableBurstMode modified to Disable/Enable all Burst Messages.

• Changed FP 109 to an Abort (not a Fail).Rearranged Test Sequence (§ 5.1) so that tests requiring UI are performed last.

FCG_TT20005{1.0_K} Token-Passing Master Data Link Layer Test Specification
No changes for this release.
FCG_TT20006{1.0_K} TDMA-Mesh Test Specification
No changes for this release.