Host Test Kit Now Available
FieldComm Group has released a new Host Test Kit. Version 1.0 now available!
Dear FCG,
The Host Test Kit Release 1.0 is a restructured combination of the previous individual host test kits to simplify test operation across different protocols and results in easier testing of hosts. Notably, this new kit now includes source files for all EDD and FDI Packages to make custom extensions to the standardized test suite possible for developers. As with most releases, the new kit also addresses a number of bug fixes and improvements.
What's New?
Important features in this release include:  
  • Combined test kit with single installer 
  • Modular installation allows users to select which test aspects to install 
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus test device hardware 
  • XMTR-Multi Variable Application for HART device simulation 
  • Pre-built EDDs and FDI Device Packages defined for running the test specifications.  
FDI Host Test Specification 1.1 
FieldComm Group is also releasing an updated Host Test Specification that corresponds with the new test kit software, EDDs and FDI Packages. The Test Specification and supportive testing procedures are available to members via the FieldComm Group ShareFile site. The latest documents are listed below.
Document ID 
FCG.PS10050 Executing FOUNDATION Fieldbus Host Test Procedures 
FCG.TT10031 FDI Host Conformance Test Specification 
FCG.RR30694 EDD Host Test Procedures 
FCG.TT20510 DD Host: Basic Operations Test Specification 
FCG.TT20511 DD Host: User Interface Test Specification 
FCG.TT20512 DD Host: Data Modeling Test Specification 
FCG.TT20513 DD Host: Methods Test Specification 
Obtaining Version 1.0
Existing License Holders – Existing license holders participating in the FieldComm Group Product Service Program will receive a separate Technical Services Bulletin with details on obtaining version 1.0.  
New Purchases – Customers purchasing a new Host Test Kit will receive the latest version. Orders can be placed at