FieldComm Group has released an update for all FDI® development tools
FieldComm Group is excited to announce the following product updates:
The FDI Package IDE makes writing, running and testing of FDI Device Packages and EDDs easier and more efficient by providing the complete tool chain you need for FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, HART®, HART-IP™, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and ISA 100 devices in one application. The Generic Protocol Extension allows developers to write and run device packages for any other protocol, such as Modbus® or EtherNet/IP®.
The FDI Common Host Components (EDD Engine and UI Engine) ensure that an FDI Device Package or an existing EDD behaves in the same way in various FDI host system architectures or EDD host system architectures. The EDD Engine supports the entire EDDL scope in a multiprotocol manner for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, PROFIBUS and PROFINET and is backward compatible with FF EDDL binary formats *.ffo, *.ff5, the HART EDDL
binary formats *.fm8 and *.fm6, and the PROFIBUS/PROFINET binary format *.bin. The UI Engine is independent of communication protocols. It generates the device specific user interfaces from a device description. System manufacturers will no longer need to integrate multiple interpreter components, this saves time and effort, and aims to contribute to improving the quality and interoperability of all host systems. 
What's new? 
Important features in this release include: 
  • Updated EDD Engine  
  • Updated HART-IP Communication Server 
  • Critical bug fixes for optimal operation
Obtaining Version 1.4.1 
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