FieldComm Group has released an OS Independent EDD Engine for FDI host development

FieldComm Group is excited to announce the inaugural release of the FDI EDD Engine X.
The FDI EDD Engine X provides application developers an OS-independent code base for integration with their specific platform, which could be Android or Linux environments. Using the FDI EDD Engine X ensures that an FDI Device Package or an existing EDD behaves in the same way in various FDI host system architectures or EDD host system architectures.
The FDI EDD Engine X supports the entire EDDL scope in a multiprotocol manner for FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, HART® protocol and PROFIBUS and PROFINET. It is backward compatible with FF EDDL binary formats *.ffo, *.ff5, the HART EDDL binary formats *.fm8 and *.fm6 and the PROFIBUS/PROFINET binary format *.bin. 
  • Supports an EDD Engine, a universal Device Description interpreter, which is Operating System Independent
  • Visual Studio solution files to build DLLs
  • Tools to view and test EDD files
  • Device Model Services for encoding and decoding communications to and from the FDI host application
Obtaining FDI EDD Engine X
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