FieldComm Group is excited to announce the release of the HART-IP Developer Kit revision 1.0! The HART-IP Developer Kit provides a working demonstration of a HART-IP field device - a simple way to evaluate HART-IP operation and learn the details needed to implement it in a field device or I/O. The HART-IP Developer Kit is a great choice for anyone looking to start implementing HART-IP technology as a step towards digital transformation.
Building on HART-IP enabled products such as WirelessHART® Gateways, I/O and Remote Terminals Units (RTUs), this kit provides the foundation for rapid HART-IP field device development, unlocking your data for IIoT.

What’s Included? 
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ board assembly running the HART-IP Server interface and Flow Application.
  • Waveshare Raspberry Pi AD/DA with onboard process simulators - to see live HART® data modulation over Ethernet-IP.
  • Windows® HART-IP Client - to send and receive HART commands to the HART-IP device. 
  • Pre-built HART EDD and FDI Device Package. 
  • Sample FDI Device Package project and EDD source to use as a basis for further development using the FDI-IDE 1.4 and HART-IP Communications Server (both licensed separately). 

HART-IP Developer Kit can also be purchased in a bundle with FDI-IDE. The Starter Kit bundle adds a single seat license for the FDI Device Package IDE (for HART) to the Developer Kit to build an FDI Device Package for your HART-IP project. The FDI-IDE includes the HART-IP Communication Server which enables the HART-IP field device communication with the FDI Reference Run-Time Environment (RRTE).
Frequently Asked Questions 
How do I purchase a HART-IP Developer Kit? 
New orders placed today will receive the latest hardware. Orders can be placed by going to  
Need additional information or have a question? 
Please use our support portal to search for additional information. If you are unable to find the answer, please submit a ticket.