We are excited to announce the new release of the HART Test System - version 3.6. The HART Test System is a complete testing tool designed to automate testing of the Data Link Layer and Application Layer of wired HART products, which includes verifying compliance to the latest revisions of the HART Protocol Specifications and HART Test Specifications. The test system helps to assure the interoperability of devices produced to the HART standard regardless of the device manufacturer. In this way, product developers can have confidence knowing they've debugged and thoroughly tested their prototype devices prior to official registration.
What's new?
Important new features in this release include:
  • Easier operation of burst test cases  
  • Test cases use HART-IP connection to devices  
  • Major improvements to HSniffer HART network analyzer  
  • New Conv program converts HSniffer binary files to text  
  • Univ5.qas - an example application written using HTest  
The HART Test System Release 3.6 involved a major restructuring of the HART Test System to simplify test operations across different physical layers, which results in easier testing of products while improving test consistency between HART Token Passing and WirelessHART devices. Notably, this new restructuring has adopted the use of HART-IP servers as the basis for the development tool connections. As with most updates, the release also addresses a number of bug fixes and improvements.
Existing License Holders participating in the FieldComm Group Product Service Program were sent a separate Technical Services Bulletin on October 31, 2019 with details on obtaining version 3.6.
New Purchases purchasing a new HART Test System will receive the latest version pre-installed. Orders can be placed at https://fieldcomm-group.myshopify.com/collections/hart/products/hrt-ts.