SDC625 has not been built to run on Windows 10.

The problem is the Installer does not install it properly on that Operating System.

At this time users must execute some manual steps to get it functioning. 

The steps provided may no longer work on the current version of Windows 10.

It is recommended to upgrade to the FDI-IDE that has been tested on Windows 10 (64-bit).

1)  Generate a batch file in the  C:\HCF\Common  directory. We use the name RegisterThese.bat.  It should have the following lines in it:

hmodemsvr -RegServer

regsvr32  hselect.dll

regsvr32  hutil.dll

2)  Open a command prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR and cd to the C:\HCF\Common  directory and run the batch file you constructed in (1) above. 

You should see a message box open to say registration was successful and when finished, this is what you should see:

If the SDC gives you a .dll error, your Windows 10 installation probably did not include the VS2008 redistributable dlls.

You can obtain them from here:

With those installed, the SDC625 should work as it did on Windows 7.  Other setup like selecting the correct COM port is the same as the Windows 7 operation.

Also note: it is expected that a Registered HART Modem is used to connect with the field device. We cannot support converters or other types of modems.