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The HART Test System is an all-in-one HART appliance used for the development and testing of HART 4-20mA Field Devices. Developers should begin using the HART Test System as soon as communications with the field device are functional.

It is a complete development tool produced on the Linux operating system that includes the build software, test automation, application layer and analysis software for the implementation and verification of a device’s conformance to the HART Communication standard. The system automates device testing and verifies compliance to all revisions of the HART Protocol standard. It allows the user to run their product against the same test cases run in our registration lab ensuring device interoperability of both wired and WirelessHART field devices. The system acts as the core component for all wired and wireless testing.


•    Standardized Linux based test appliance with all test software pre-installed

•    Compatible with Registered HART RS232 modems

•    Compatible with HART-IP, the internetworking HART protocol

•    HART Menu system simplifies operation for hands-free testing


•    Test Applications

•    HSniffer - HART 4-20mA bus analyzer

•    Conv Tool - companion to HSniffer to review byte-by-byte traffic on the HART bus in simple text display

•    HTEST HART Master Simulator

•    HART-IP server

General Hardware Requirements

•    2 HART-Registered RS232 modems (can be purchased as an add-on)

•    Loop power for testing

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