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HTML5 UIP Guide - How to add a UIP to an FDI Device Package

Reference Runtime Environment (RRTE) Conformance Assessment 

Using the HART Standard DD (AG10101)

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Related Technical Specifications can be viewed from FieldComm Group's website

The FDI Package IDE makes writing, running and testing of FDI Device Packages and EDDs easier and more efficient by providing the complete toolchain you need for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, HART IP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and ISA 100 devices in one application. The Generic Protocol Extension allows developers to write and run device packages for any other protocol, like Modbus or Ethernet IP.  


  • The IDE supports EDD editing and tokenizing of source files into the FDI encoded file format.  The encoded EDD, the UIP (developed using Visual Studio), and the attachments are combined to form the FDI Device Package (.fdix). 
  • The IDE supports EDD editing and tokenizing of HART EDDs into the HART fm6 and fm8 encoded file formats, which allows for the development and maintenance of current HART EDDs.  The HART Standard DD Library and Dictionary have been updated with additional languages for standard strings, which are now directly imported without pointers to external dictionaries. See Using the HART Standard DD (AG10101).
  • The IDE supports EDD editing and tokenizing for FOUNDATION Fieldbus DDs into the FF ffo and ff5 encoded file formats, which allows for the development and maintenance of current FF DDs. 
  • The Reference Runtime Environment (RRTE) is available for testing and debugging FDI Device Packages as well as HART and FF EDDs built with the IDE. 
  • The FDI Package Conformance Test Tool (CTT) performs automated conformance testing of FDI Device Packages. 
  • Support for device variants (Profibus/Profinet only).
  • Interactive download to device via Reference Runtime Environment (RRTE).
  • Feature Table included for FDI Device Package attributes.


  • FDI Package IDE 
  • Device Package Conformance Test Tool (DPCTT)
  • License Manager
  • Reference Runtime Environment (RRTE)
  • FDI Package Signing Tool 
  • ISA100 Communication Server (ISA100 license required)
  • HART‐IP Communication Server (HART license required)
  • Ethernet-IP Communication Server (Generic license required)

System Requirements

General Hardware Requirements

  • Registered HART Modem, or National Instruments USB‐8486 FF interface, or Softing PROFIusb or PBpro PROFIBUS interface 
  • USB Port
  • Ethernet Port

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