After rebuilding the Standard DD Library in FDI Package IDE 1.3.0 with the batch script "make_all_dd4_lib2.bat", you may experience "FATAL ERROR 103:  File system error; read failed for the file release\000000\0100\010b.ffo".

This is because of an incorrect batch file name that is used throughout the "make_all_dd4_lib2.bat" script.  The version of the file included with FDI Package IDE 1.3.0 calls the FDI Tokenizer but uses a -4 option, so the FDI tokenizer rebuilt the entire DD4 Standard Library using the wrong binary file format.

To fix this problem, please download the attachment and replace the file found in C:\FF\DDL with the attachment, then run the attachment to rebuild the DD4 Standard Library correctly.  

This problem will be corrected in the next release of the FDI Package IDE.

Affected Products

The following products are affected:

  • FDI Device Package Integrated Development Environment - Single Protocol [Foundation Fieldbus], Release 1.3.0
  • FDI Device Package Integrated Development Environment - All Protocols Bundle, Release 1.3.0


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