What is found in the Product Registry?

The FieldComm Group product registry contains only the registered products, registered FDI Device Packages, and registered EDDs from the preexisting FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART catalogs. 

Where is the Product Registry?

The FieldComm Group product registry is accessible via the FieldComm Group website or directly via www.fieldcommgroup.org/registered-products

How can I update my Product in the Registry?

After reviewing your product listings and coordinating with your internal team members, follow the procedure below to submit your requested changes:

  • Go to www.fieldcommgroup.org/updatemyproduct
  • Complete the request form for each product or family of products
  • FieldComm Group will update the listing(s) and notify you of the completed updates

What aspects of the Registered Product listing can I change?

  • Image – image must maintain a “square” aspect ratio (144 x 144 pixels) with a white background and be less than 500 kb
  • Product Description – short description of the product
  • More Information – plain text limited to 2,000 characters
  • Contact Email – specific company contact or general email address
  • Website – URL must start with “http”
  • Category – select one or multiple from a predefined set of categories listed

Changes beyond the descriptive qualities will require reviewing the changes against the device registration policies and submitting the product for re-registration.

What are the different images representing?

Registered Products will be shown with a thumbnail image if one has been provided, otherwise the technology logo is used as a default image. See the examples below.

Some products have only its EDD registered, therefore they are displayed with a unique graphic. After the product itself is registered, the image will be updated to show a complete registration. 

Why are there products in the old catalog and not in the registry? 

Products which do not carry a Registration Mark will not be included in the Product Registry. 

How can I find previous registrations of the same product?

Each registered revision of a product can be identified within a listing. This is a new feature for HART product registrations, over time the prior registrations may be added. Future product revisions will be added to the listing and accessible via radio button (see below).

How do I download a DD or FDI Device Package?

Simply click on the download button  while viewing a product registry page. 

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Need more assistance?  

Please open a ticket here and specify Product Registration; Update Product Registry Page as the type of request.