You can make your own replacement for the COMTEST USB stick that is delivered as part of the HART FSK Physical Layer Test Kit.  COMTEST is also a native application on HART Test Systems (KIT-192 release 3.2 or later).

What you will need

  • Latest version of RUFUS from
  • A USB Stick (4GB or larger)
  • Execution file of COMTEST 


There is an execution file of COMTEST on ShareFile. Licensed Tool Users have ShareFile access (license holders can request it via

Download the “COMTEST{2.1}.zip” zip archive.  

The instructions below will guide in creating the bootable USB drive and copy the COMTEST application into this USB stick.

Create bootable USB Stick

  • Insert USB stick in the PC (there should only be one USB in use). 
  • Run RUFUS using the “Run as Administrator” option. 

  • Select the Device as your USB drive.

  • Click on "Boot selection" column and select FreeDos

  • Click START. A warning will appear, click OK.

  • When this step is complete, close the RUFUS application. 

Copy COMTEST application to the USB Drive

  • Unzip "COMTEST{2.1}.zip" file, you will get "ComTest.exe" and "Readme.txt". 
  • Copy these two files into USB drive root folder.
  • Safely Eject the USB drive. 

The USB drive is ready to run COMTEST in a Boot to USB mode on a Windows PC.

For more information on using this application please see: Run COMTEST