The mandatory root menus (see HART SPEC-500/FCG.TS20500, FCG TS61804-4) are:

  • root_menu
  • device_root_menu
  • process_variables_root_menu
  • diagnostics_root_menu
  • maintenance_root_menu*
  • offline_root_menu*

* There is an allowance to not include maintenance_root_menu and offline_root_menu in your EDD (.fm8), you must request a variance in the Readme.txt file within an EDD submission.  The Readme.txt must reference Working Group Policy PD10013 with the variance request.

Please note that all of the root menus will be required to be implemented in FDI Device Packages for all HART products.

Descriptions and examples are included in the EDD Interpretation specification FCG TS61804-4, see section 4.3.