Acceptance Criteria

FDI Device Package Registrations will be accepted provided the device (device type, device revision) is already Compliance Registered.

  • A manufacturer may submit a device and FDI Device Package for registration simultaneously. 
  • Devices are tested first, if it meets the requirements for registration the FDI Device Package is tested.


FDI Device Package Revisions will be accepted for Registration in the FDI Device Package Library provided that an FDI Device Package for that device type and device revision is already registered.

  • Updates made to FDI Device Packages must comply with the individual protocol compatibility rules. 
  • Any revision that would indicate a firmware change to the device will fail FDI Device Package registration. The device revision number must increase.  The device must be tested and registered before the FDI Package is submitted.

FDI Device Packages will be mandatory starting on December 31, 2020*.

*NOTE:  Policy updated 28 Oct 2020  

FieldComm Group recognizes that due to a specification revision to FDI, our member device suppliers in the process of building FDI Device Packages may be affected. These specification changes reflect clarifications and enhancements associated with UID layout; specifically, “unit conversion”, “label length” and “optimized layout”. Details of these changes will be published as “Interpretation Resolution” to the membership before the end of the year and then balloted to become a specification revision estimated to be complete by 31 March 2021. In addition, the change will be incorporated into FDI Tools and Common Host Components by the same date.

Please see the latest information at FDI Device Package Registration Timeline and Requirement Update

  • FDI Device Packages for new device type ID’s and device re-registrations for devices registered since January 1, 2018 are required starting on January 1, 2021.

  • FDI Device Packages for re-registrations of devices that were last registered prior to December 31, 2017 are required starting  January 1, 2022.

  • FDI Device Packages for new device type ID’s and device re-registrations for devices registered since January 1, 2018 may be granted an exception through October 1, 2021.
    • Any device supplier may opt-out of the mandatory date of 1 January 2021 by notifying FCG that they will need additional time to be compliant due to this change and receive an exception to the date allowing them to register their devices without a package until the extended deadline of 1 October 2021.
    • Interpretation resolutions impacting this policy are documented here [link]

  • This policy does not apply when maintaining existing device registrations at their current device revision level, examples include:
    • Resubmitting a new physical layer report for an existing, registered device revision (e.g. due to parts obsolescence), and a CFF update may be necessary.
    • Updating an EDD for an existing, registered device revision.

  • This policy does not apply to Private Labeling (Rebranding) of OEM products that did not register an FDI Package prior to this policy's effective date.   If the OEM product, for example, was registered in March 2020 without an FDI Package, the product could be Private Labeled in 2021 without the need to register an FDI Package with it.  


What needs to be submitted?


What versions of the tools are required for preparing a submission?

You should always use the latest released version of the development tools for pre-testing your product prior to submission to FieldComm Group. The latest released version is described in the Change Log for each tool. Click here to view the FDI Package IDE Change Log.