The FF DD Library has been discontinued.

Please visit the FDIsync Library or FDIsync for Developers product pages for more information.

What is the DD Library?

The DD Library is a collection of standard source codes that are used to aid the development of device descriptions. This makes great ease in implementing FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus in your devices.  All registered DD/CFF files are available to download as well.

What can I do with the DD Library?

You can import and use the DD source code to build your device description. The source code for all standard FOUNDATION Fieldbus parameters and blocks is included. Manufacturers only need to implement custom block and other manufacturer-specific additional parameters. 

End Users have real-time updates to the archives of all registered CFFs and DD files.

What are the benefits of having the DD Library?

Ease of development is key in producing a FOUNDATION device as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The Standard DD Library helps developers do this by reducing errors and shortening debugging time. It also helps present a standard set of source code in order to reduce the amount of time spent doing repetitive tasks and basic formatting.

Can I incorporate the DD Library onto my tool?

Yes you can. The IP license that you sign allows for system vendors to incorporate DD’s into their tools.

What tools require the use of the DD Library?

  Host Test Kit, DD-IDE and DD Services.

How often should I update my DD Library?

The DD library is typically updated once a week or twice a month so updating the DD Library is crucial for applications looking to stay current with FOUNDATION capabilities.

How do I receive updates to the DD Library?

The DD Library can be updated through access granted to the FieldComm Group Repository, available to all current IP license holders. Maintenance to the DD Library is purchased annually in order to maintain the ability to download any and all updates to the DD Library.

Where can I get training on writing DD’s?

FieldComm Group offers Developer Training year around at a few locations. These change every year so please visit our Education page on for information, dates and locations. The training assists device developers in implementing FOUNDATION Fieldbus into their product lines.