Release 3.8.1 - April 2014
  • Added new symbol IDs and variable for COMPATIBILITY_REV. The old one spelled wrong was deprecated

Release 3.8.0
  • added new files for Positioner TB Profiles
  • added new RIO HART Gateway TB Profile

Release 3.7.0
  • added new files for Temperature & Pressure TB Profiles
  • finalized Flow TB and Totalizer FB
  • finalized RIO files

Release 3.6.0
  • added beta validation DDL for WIO blocks
  • finalized SIF-DO block
  • added standard empty no_download/upload_wanted collections to blocks with option to build in batch files

Release 3.5.0
  • contains release DDL for Positioner TB
  • added beta validation DDL for RIO blocks

Release 3.4.1
  • added UTF-8 formated standard dictionary (standard.dc8)
  • updated source DDL from HTK product with device-level menus and cross-block enhancements for DD development reference.

Release 3.4.0
  • verified SIF DDL against FF-895 FS 1.0 for SIF-RB and SIF-AI blocks; made DDL release for those blocks

Release 3.3.0
  • added DDL for Field Diagnostics and SIF blocks
  • included source DDL from HTK product "as is" for DD development reference.

Release 3.2.0
  • translated label & help strings for temperature blocks to German
  • modified profiles to reserve 0x010c for generic transducer blocks
  • transducer parameters moved from profile 0x010c to 0x013e
  • created batch files to build Lib. v2 compatible library (non block-specific items)
  • removed make_new batch files for ease of maintanance; files seldom used
  • removed BLTIN_BAD_POINTER from builtins.h (DDS did not use)
  • added BLTIN_BLOCK_NOT_FOUND to builtins.h