The FOUNDATION Fieldbus HTK has been replaced by the new Host Test Kit, which includes FDI and HART support.

Please visit the Host Test Kit product for more information.


What is the Host Test Kit DD?


The Host Test Kit tests the functionality of a host and its conformity with the FOUNDATION Host Interoperability Support Test Specification and the DD Host Application Test Procedures. An excellent tool for troubleshooting and debugging, the test kit includes all the hardware and software required to ensure a manufacturer’s complete device integration as specified by FCG’s official registration testing procedures. 


What can I do with the Host Test Kit?


The Host Test Kit is used for interoperability and DD testing. The kit will verify the functionality of a host and its conformity to the Host Interoperability Support Test Specification and the DD Host Application Test Procedures. The included software allows you to run tests identical to those used by FieldComm Group before your host is submitted for official registration.


What are the benefits of the Host Test Kit?


• Standardized test requirements and test cases for all hosts within a profile tested to the same requirements.

• Standardized DD  and  CF files assuring host can run DD test cases and handle offline configuration parsing.

• Standardized test device with all basic IO Function Blocks and specialized test transducer blocks.


What is included with the Host Test Kit?

Standard Host Test Device (H1Host Test Kit Installer includes:

• DD & CF Host Application Test Purposes (FF-981)

• DD Application Test DDs (source and binary files)

  • DD4, DD5, DD6 EDD versions  
  • FDI Device Packages (including UIPs, offline test packages, upload/download test packages, etc.)  

• EDD Host Application Test Procedures (FCG.TT30694)

• Executing FF Host Test Procedures (FCG.PS10050 - *new document for version 4.0*)

• Common Compliance Test Requirements (FF-754)

• Host Test Kit User’s Guide (FCG.PS30218)

• Standard (FF) Host Test Device


What additional components do I need to use the Host Test Kit?


• Fieldbus Segment (power supply and conditioner with two terminators and a coupler or wiring block)

• Fieldbus Type-A Cable



Are there recommended products for the Host Test Kit?


Yes, it is highly recommended that you have the following products:


DD Library (or FDIsync Library) – The Registered DD Library contains DD source code that device developers can import and use to build the device descriptions.


DD Services (or FDI Common Host Components) – The source code library provides several convenience functions to make it easier for a system supplier to develop DD-based applications.


FDI Package IDE – The IDE provides a single, easy-to-use application for developing, testing and debugging DD files.


What are the system requirements?


The Host Test Kit is designed to validate host applications implementing DD Services 4.2 or greater, including DD Services 5.0 constructs such as charts, graphs, images and waveforms for visualization; files for persistent storage of functional parameter data; and grids for vector data visualization and manipulation.


How do I receive updates to my Host Test Kit?


The Host Test Kit includes one year of maintenance updates and bug fixes to the Host Test Kit. An extended support and maintenance agreement (Product Service Program) is available to assure your product remains up-to-date.


What licenses are available for the Host Test Kit?


The Host Test Kit includes one standard test device. The EDD source code and documentation are licensed for single site use.


How do I purchase a licensed copy of the Host Test Kit?


To purchase a licensed copy of the Host Test Kit, please complete the product order form found on FieldComm Group's website,



What is the benefit associated with the implementation of Field Diagnostics?


Advanced Field Diagnostics is implemented in this update and allows the end user to access and configure the diagnostics within field devices. The update better organizes and handles the display of diagnostic results.


What are the benefits associated with Profile Custom Function Blocks?


This feature enables the manufacturer/end user to define custom function blocks compliant with the specifications of FOUNDATION Fieldbus in their host system. It also provides the user with the flexibility to expand and tailor their systems for each specific application beyond the norm.


What is the benefit associated with the compatibility rev. parameter?


This feature offers a specific benefit designed for the end user in mind. It helps to ensure the interoperability between an old device and its new replacement. This is advantageous in a situation where a sudden malfunction occurs and it is critical to install a replacement quickly that will support what was previously downloaded to the device.


Do I need to buy a new HTK or can I upgrade my current one?


FieldComm Group must either update the firmware of your current Host Test Kit, or we will replace the unit with an entirely new standard test device.


Am I eligible for the update?


If your maintenance agreement is active, then you are eligible to upgrade your HTK. 

How do I get the update?


Updates must be done by FieldComm Group at our offices in Austin, TX USA. Please open a support ticket to request an update, further instructions will be sent to you in your support ticket. 

How should I deal with imports/exports?


The manufacturer/sender is responsible for taking care of imports and charges on those imports, but it can be considered a temporary import since it will be returned to the sender shortly after its update. Please see the Shipping Requirements.


What will be done to the standard test device I send back for upgrade?


In most cases, the device will be replaced with an entirely new unit running updated firmware.  Some of the more recently purchased host test kit standard test devices may be able to have their firmware upgraded and returned.  


What is the process for registering a host under the new program?


The complete Host Profile and Registration Process is available for review within our support portal.


What host profile classes can be tested and registered with the Host Test Kit?


The following hosts can be submitted for testing and registration.  Details about these host profiles are found in specification FF-569 FS3.0


• Class 61c – Integrated Host

• Class 62c – Visitor Host

• Class 63c – Bench Host Non-Commissioned Device

• Class 64c – Bench Host Commissioned Off-Line Device


When will developers be able to test under these Host Profiles?


Host test campaigns are available now. Contact FieldComm Group to reserve a date.


Will I be able to use the registration check mark symbol under the new Host Profile and Registration Program?


Yes, once your host has completed all requirements of the Host Registration Process, you will receive a registration certificate for your host. At that time, you may use the registration check mark symbol.

How do I get support or learn more about the Host Profile Test and Registration Program?


You may submit a ticket or call FieldComm Group at (512) 792-2300.