This is an intensive 3-day course covering basic and advanced aspects of Device Description development.

In this one-on-one instructional environment, developers learn the step-by-step process for building a Device Description for a HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus enabled device based on Electronic Device Description Language (IEC 61804-3, EDDL) that can be used across all DD-enabled host platforms.

The Workshop Includes:

Day 1 - EDDL/FDI Basics

    Strategies for Successful Development

    Basic EDDL Concepts

    Recommended and Mandatory constructs

    Lab Work

Day 2 - Developing EDD and FDI Device Package

    Basic FDI Concepts

    Advanced EDDL Modelling (methods, arrays, etc.)

    Basic User Interface

    Lab Work

Day 3 - Enhanced EDD and Developing FDI

    Advanced User Interface (layout, graphs, charts, images, etc.)

    Lab Work

Lab Work Includes:

    Training and use of the FDI Package Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

    One-on-one assistance with your EDD and FDI Package development

    Construction of basic EDD and FDI Package for unique customer products

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