HART Fundamentals and QA Testing Workshop is an intensive two-day course covering all aspects of the HART Communication Protocol. Students attending this course will leave equipped with knowledge to develop new HART-compatible products, support existing products, and design systems that utilize HART.

Students will also learn about the correct ways to test their device and register it with the FieldComm Group. Protocol specifications, common development strategies, and testing requirements are covered. Tools are provided to assist in product development or system integration.

This course is specifically for product developers and system integrators.

The Course Agenda is:

Day 1 - The Layers of HART

    OSI Layer1 - HART Physical Layer

    OSI Layer 2 - HART Data Link Layer

    OSI Layer 7 - HART Application Layer

Day 2 - WirelessHART, Device Registrations, Test Tools


    Device Registration and Conformance Testing

    Test Tools

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