Onsite workshops offer the opportunity for a workshop at the location of your choosing at a date other than the public training dates.

Please submit a support ticket to find dates and receive a quote for an onsite workshop at your facility.

The Onsite Workshop fee is $10,000 for a 4 day onsite workshop for as many students as you wish.

Instructor Travel Time is billed at $112.50/hour; maximum 8 hours each way (domestic USA) or maximum 16 hours each way (international).

Instructor Travel Expenses include Transportation (airfare, taxi, parking, rental car, train, etc.), Hotel, and Food. The instructor will book airfare and other transportation when a signed quote and purchase order are returned.

Printed copies of the workshop materials are available for $240/set. The workshop workbooks are recommended for each student, but not required.

Onsite workshops do not require attendees to purchase any equipment. The instructor brings equipment for demonstrations. Attendees may bring their own target device for the Device Integration- Writing EDD and FDI Package Workshop.

The FieldComm Group standard terms and conditions for workshops apply.