The following is a general summary describing the test results you will see when running automated and manual tests on your products using FieldComm Group Test Systems and Tools.

Tests resulting as NOT APPLICABLE/NOT RUN

Certain test cases will not apply if a specific feature or option is not implemented in the product under test. A verdict of NOT APPLICABLE or NOT RUN applies after FieldComm Group analyzes the results.  These test cases are reported back as not applicable to the product in the test report.

Tests resulting as FAILED

If FieldComm Group encounters a problem during testing which will result as a failed test, FieldComm Group will: 

  • deem the device as failed 
  • close the record 
  • ship the device back to manufacturer 
  • invoice the applicable fee(s)

Upon an unsuccessful registration (failed test campaign), the manufacturer will receive an official notification from FieldComm Group with an outline of problem areas and report of failed results. 

Tests resulting as PASSED

Upon successful completion of a test campaign, the manufacturer will receive: 

  • Official confirmation from FieldComm Group with a test report
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Listing in the FieldComm Group Product Catalog  
  • Authorization to display the appropriate Registration Mark(s) on the products and product documentation 


Pre-testing using the latest development tools is highly recommended. Tools may be placed using the FieldComm Group Product Order Form, see the HART Protocol or FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology pages on our website.