All tickets must be categorized so that the appropriate staff member can assist you. 

The categories of tickets available are:
When you select one of the above categories in response to "I need assistance with", 
you will be presented with additional options to further specify the topic of your inquiry. 
Please choose the best description for your ticket. Each category is described below.

General Technical Support

If there are no other suitable categories to describe your question or issue, use "General Technical Support" and 
choose the technology you are using. 
For example: "I cannot download or locate DD files for an instrument. This is the manufacturer and device type..."

Membership Support

Manufacturers, Universities, Distributors, System Integrators interesting in joining FieldComm Group 
should select the "Membership Support" category, then "Sign up". 

Current Members can update their information by selecting "Update Membership Contacts", 
use this option to change Primary, Marketing, Membership, Voting, Technical or Invoice contacts. 

Current Members can also request product identification codes via the "Manufacturer ID/Device Type Request" 
option and specifying the technology/protocol of the product needing the code.

General inquiries about membership should use the "Membership Question" option.


Consulting Services can be requested using the "Consulting" ticket category. Please describe in detail 
what you need assistance with and a staff member will review the request and respond with further actions
if we are able to provide the services requested.

Product Support

FieldComm Group's products include test systems, physical layer test equipment, support file development 
tools, host integration tools and components and technical specifications.  If you have issues or questions with
any of the products purchased from FieldComm Group, please use this ticket category. 

If you want to Purchase Development Tools or enroll your current tools in the Product Service Program, please 

use this ticket category and specify "Purchase Development Tools" or "Tool Maintenance Activation (PSP)".

SDC partners should select 'HART Products' in the "Details" selector and  'SDC (for partners)' in the 
"Additional Details" selector for source code support.

Product Registration

FieldComm Group tests and registers products for various technologies.  "Product Registration" tickets will create 
a new Test Campaign for a product to be submitted for testing, and if successful, product registration.  There are 
processes in place to achieve product registration, this is the entry point for members.

"Product Registration" > "Question" should be selected if you have questions about testing and the process.


Select the "Workshop" option if you have questions about an upcoming scheduled workshop or if you would like 
to sign up for a workshop and need assistance. 

FieldComm Group can also provide an "On-Site Workshop", select this option to ask for more details and availability 
of our instructors to travel to your location.


All invoice inquiries should be sent as a "Sales" inquiry via a new support ticket. 
An invoice number must be included in your request.

Request a quotation for products or services.

IPR Notification

IPR Notifications must include the following in the description of the ticket:
  • Patent or Patent Application Reference(s)
  • Specification Reference(s), including document number and editions
  • A detailed description on how the Specification may infringe