The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) helps device manufacturers create device packages for FF, HART,

PROFIBUS and PROFINET devices. Essentially, the tool has four components:

  • EDDs are created with the help of an editor and converted to the encoded file format by means of 
  • “tokenizing” (the binary coding of an EDD). 
  • The encoded EDD, the UIP developed using Visual Studio, and the attachments are combined to form an 
  • FDI Package. 
  • A runtime environment (reference host) runs the FDI Packages for tests and debugging. 
  • The test engine is used to automatically run FDI Package conformance tests. 

The FDI Packages that a device manufacturer creates in this manner are certified and registered by FieldComm Group and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International, together with the

respective device hardware.