This article discusses tips for troubleshooting the SDC-625 component of the HART DD-IDE.

How can I change the COM Port being used?

Use the Device Preferences menu to set the Serial COM port and polling option.

How do I correct the error "Unable to get Hart Utilities dll"?

If upon selecting Build > Execute from within the HART DD-IDE you see the following error:

Verify the contents of C:\HCF\Common, you should see these files:

Please do the following:

  1. Download the attached batch file (RegisterThese.bat)
  2. Copy the batch file to C:\HCF\Common
  3. Open Command Prompt
  4. Change directory to C:\hcf\common
  5. Run RegisterThese.bat

Problems with a Connected Device

  • Launching SDC-625.exe application resulting in "ERROR:Failed to acquire device identity".  
  • Launching via HART DD-IDE using EXECUTE, error message appears in the DD-IDE as "[Execute] Error". 


a) Does this machine and installation communication with other devices?

b) Before you run SDC, check the task manager and verify there is no HART modem server still running. Stop this process manually if it is running. 
c) Were there any error notifications during install? This could be caused by the modem server not finding the .dll s it needs to run. (HUtil.dll & HSelect.dll See the previous section of this article)

d) Is the HART modem hardware being used to connect the device to the computer a HART-Registered modem?