The current tokenizer (installed with DD-IDE 1.2.1) has issues with IMPORT and REDEFINE on standard COLLECTIONs. 

For COLLECTIONs of upload_wanted_ and no_download_ that are not empty, do not define the UD_LISTS when tokenizing the library for blocks that do not have empty lists. This will allow you to define upload_wanted_ and no_download_ lists yourself, without having to use REDEFINE.

Having upload_wanted_ and no_download_ collections defined in the DD is required for ITK i9001_01, i9001_02, and i9001_03 test cases.

ITK 6.2.0 and up will test for the existence of these special collections in every block within the device.  Standard definitions for the collection names, labels, etc. must be used otherwise the three test cases above will fail.  Custom transducer blocks and custom function blocks are also tested and are required to have these two special collections.  The device manufacturer must define upload_wanted and no_download lists for custom blocks.