Final Released Version

Release 5.0 - September 2014

General DD-IDE Enhancements

  • Support for MS Windows 7 (service pack 1 or later).
  • DD-EDIT updated to SlickEdit v17 (from v11)
  • Expanded set of new and improved icons for all DD constructs
  • Support for newer DDL features (BLOB, TEMPLATE, SHARED, VISIBILITY, etc.)
  • Updated Standard Dictionary with Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese (in addition to English, French, German)
  • Repaired defects in Univ5.ddl, Univ5_2.ddl, Common7.ddl, Common9.ddl, and Table20_4.ddl for specification compliance

SDC-625 Enhancements (v4.2)

  • LABEL concatenation aligns with DDL specifications and tests
  • Support multiple simultaneous modeless MENU of STYLE TABLE windows
  • MENU of STYLE TABLE supports all DD-items including CHART, IMAGE, GRID, GRAPH per specification requirements
  • Collections on menus now supported
  • Screen layout (WINDOW, DIALOG, etc.) fixed or modified to comply with latest DDL Specifications
  • MENU root_menu is automatically displayed as the first menu using the STYLE defined in the DD (defaults to STYLE TABLE if not defined)
  • Corrected operation of GRID constructs
  • Charts and graphs now properly auto-scale the axis
  • This version has implemented updates for dynamic variables and conditional changes in non-table menus
  • Date and Time Functions implemented
  • Debug Support Functions added
  • Method Engine update to support 'D' formatting option to dynamically update displayed data (e.g. in acknowledge library function)
  • Method Engine's handling of block-scoped local variables (variable that is declared inside curly braces) was enhanced
  • Updated to use latest SDC technology
  • Prototype device simulation support included