There is an example Devices.cfg file.

(see attachment)

At the end of the file, add a new manufacturer section as follows:


0x?????? is your assigned manufacturer code (the hexadecimal codes must use all lower case letters), and XXXXX is your Manufacturer String definition in all upper case letters.  If you do not know your Dictionary Handle, please contact us. 

Next, add a line for each device type as follows:


Where 0x???? is your assigned Device Type Code (the hexadecimal codes must use all lower case letters), and _XXXXX is the assigned Device Type String Name definition in all upper case letters, a prefixed underscore "_" is required).

If you have an 8-bit manufacturer code and a device that is upgrading to HART 7, we recommend that you name DEVICE_TYPE as _XXXXX_EXP to represent the Expanded Device Type Code.  For example:

  DEVICE_TYPE 0x0023 = _AAA

Devices.cfg is a required file in a EDD submission package.  


*Note:  An update to your manufacturer name will affect the established registered EDD files.  If a change is made to the manufacturer name, all EDD files should be updated to match the new name, then submitted for an EDD Revision Registration.