Support for the HART DD-IDE will end on September 17, 2020.

SDC-625 Logs will not be accepted after December 31, 2020.

1. SDC test logs are generated by SDC-625, which is a component of the HART DD-IDE. 

FieldComm Group requires your EDD to be verified using the latest released version of SDC-625, the HART Standard for host interfaces. In this section, you must confirm that your device has been tested with the SDC-625 and any other hosts.

Currently, there are no test scripts generated by SDC as you validate your DD for completeness. It is important that you review all VARAIBLEs (edit and send to device) on all menus and execute all METHODs to validate your DD.

If you have any problems with SDC-625 during testing with your field device and it is determined to be a known defect in SDC-625, please create a file called SDCTest.txt and specify the exact issue. If the issue can be reproduced in simulation (using Xmtr-DD), please provide detail steps to duplicate issue in a CR.  Please file a CR (via support ticket) before submitting the EDD.

In the HART DD-IDE, go to the Build menu, then select Execute.  The device needs to be connected to the serial port.

Figure 1. HART DD-IDE Execute SDC

The SDC log files will appear in the development directory of the HART DD-IDE:

  • sdcOut.txt 
  • sdcLog.txt 
  • sdcErr.txt 
  • wsdcOut.txt 
  • wsdcLog.txt 
  • wsdcErr.txt

Include all 6 log files with an EDD submission.

How to register a HART EDD