H1 ITK Version 6

ITK 6.5.0 - January 2023
  • NI-FBUS Version 2016 (16.0.49153)
  • NI-FBUS NIFB.DLL patch version
  • All Libraries and Test Cases are now built with VS2019

AR/Bug NumberSummary
I0101_05 - Added more iterations for slower responding devices.
I5640_45 - Change RESTART_DEV(100) behavior to allow nonresponsive device.
8312I5640_20 - Add an allowable exception for a single QUB Server VCR to be present.
I5640_55 - Added linkage cleanup code for Discrete Input case
I5640_21 - Use SCP Execution time during SCP mode.
I5640_03 - Fix the transducer logging, and reload the ST_REV value after it has changed.
I5640_16 - Allow detection of "no params changed" condition to Pass the test case.
I9001_01, I9001_02, I9001_03 - Updated MAX_DATA_STRUCT_SIZE constant in “dd_tools.h” to 124 to prevent needless warnings and to better reflect the communication specifications.
I9003_00 - Added a check to fail a DD that was tokenized with the unreleased Beta 5.3 Tokenizer.
Added Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable 14.31.31103 to the installer
All Test Cases - Remote Desktop freezing addressed by upgrading the ITK to VS2019 and using a priority dispatcher on some resource / UI calls.
Rebuilt the Test System User Interface with Visual Studio 2019 and used a priority dispatcher on some resource / UI calls.
Rebuilt the IOPLIB, CFF_TOOLS, and all test cases using Visual Studio 2019.
I0405_71 - Changed Inconclusive result on subtests to be Fail

ITK 6.4.0 - February 2020
  • NI-FBUS Version 2016 (16.0.49153)
  • NI-FBUS NIFB.DLL patch version
  • The ITK Test Cases, Test Case Libraries, Automation Tool and EDD Engine have been updated to be compatible with Microsoft Visual C++ 2015.
  • NEW Test Case i0702_03: created to verify that ST_REV is persisted through a power cycle in all Transducer Blocks.
  • Test Case Bug fixes:
    • Flow Transducer Block test cases
    • Standard Connection Point test cases
    • DD Forward Compatibility Test case i9110_00
    • i3601_00 Block Instantiation RESTART 11 test case
    • i0101_05 Flat Address test case
    • i3300_g0 HARD_TYPES test case false pass has now been corrected.  
  • Test Case Enhancements:
    • I9200_00: Template Test Case is now automated.  Supported EDD Templates can be specified in the device INI file and they will be tested. The manufacturer must specify all templates supporting the ITK device sample.
    • i1310_xx Field Diagnostics test case execution times have been improved
  • 727 Total Test Cases (Official Registration Schedule)
  • 7 Legacy DD/CF Test Cases (for ITK 4 & 5 DD Re-Registrations)
ITK 6.3.1 - November 2018
  • NI-FBUS Version 2016 (16.0.49153)
  • NI-FBUS NIFB.DLL patch version - fixes a buffer overrun that causes intermittent crashes during a CF file test 
  • First release fully supporting versions of Windows newer than Windows 7.  
    • USB version of ITK Automation Tool now supports 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10.
    • Advantech DAQNavi drivers updated to include support for all versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10.
    • Parallel Port version of ITK Automation Tool now supports 32 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10.
  • Standard Connection Points test cases are now final and have been added to the end of the certification schedule.
    • Support for new Test Function Block version 5.0 for SCP - developers wanting to fully test their SCP prototypes need to obtain a new ITK Test Function Block (free via RMA for actively maintained license holders)
  • i9003_00 test case enhanced to help developers find and remove heterogeneous COLLECTIONS that were tokenized into a DD4 by mistake.
  • i0101_05 test case for flat address subscription has been automated when TFB revision 5 is found, manual test otherwise.
  • Corrected problems testing CFF files inside of an FDI Package.
  • Numerous bug fixes in SCP test cases.
  • Numerous bug fixes in DD Viewer support for DD v5.2 Device Templates.
  • Fixed numerous false failures in older test cases when a device under test includes SCP support. 
  • 726 Total Test Cases (Official Registration Schedule)
  • 7 Legacy DD/CF Test Cases (for ITK 4 & 5 DD Re-Registrations)

ITK 6.3.0 - December 2017
  • NI-FBUS Version 2016 (
  • New test case i9200_00 - Verify Application of Device Templates (Manual Test Case)
  • BETA test cases for Standard Connection Points (FF-916 DPS 1.3.176) added in a sub-schedule for developers
  • NI-FBUS NIFB.DLL patch version - fixes a buffer overrun that causes intermittent crashes during a CF file test 
  • Enhancements to the test system user interface to save user settings
  • IOPLIB updated to remove garbage characters from the trend logging of Discrete Trends
  • IOPLIB updated to re-read the block list when necessary to handle changes after RESTART(11)
  • CFF Tools Library updated to use the DD Unifier when accessing information from a DD
  • DDUnifier.dll - Added better logging to DD test cases if the initial DD open request fails
  • Manual test cases i0101_05, i1000_15, and i9003_00 have been automated in this release
  • Various test case bug fixes
  • 699 Total Test Cases (Official Registration Schedule)
  • 7 Legacy DD/CF Test Cases (for ITK 4 & 5 DD Re-Registrations)
  • 27 (BETA) Standard Connection Point Test Cases (Separate Schedule)

Known Issue:
  • Test case i0301_03 may cause subsequent test cases to fail because the Test Function Block tag is overwritten. Workaround is to power cycle the Test Function Block to restore the tag to "TestFB". 

ITK 6.2.0 – July 2016

  • NI-FBUS Version 
  • Support for FDI EDD testing
  • New EDD Engine added for DD6 binary file format support
  • New DD Configuration tab in ITS
  • A repeated test procedure can now have all log files backed up continuously.
  • DD Viewer Update to read TEMPLATES
  • Improved ITK Automation Tool kit installation and setup
  • Enhancements to the test system user interface to save user settings
  • IOPLIB updated to change Alarm timestamps into a readable date/time format instead of long integers.
  • IOPLIB updated to change Alarm.State and Alarm.Unacknowledged from numeric form to the known strings for these conditions.
  • Various test case bug fixes
  • 698 Total Test Cases
  • 7 Legacy DD/CF Test Cases

ITK 6.1.2 - November 2014 

  • NI-FBUS Version 4.1.1 with Communication Manager patch (for CSD)
  • Common Software Download is now tested with maximum allowable packet size
  • Various test case bug fixes
  • Test case i0402_72 split in half for more reliable testing
  • New test case created from i0402_72 is i0402_75
  • Help documentation now includes basic troubleshooting information for ITS
  • Help documentation describes configuration of administrative rights for reliable ITS operation
  • 698 Total Test Cases
  • 7 Legacy DD/CF Test Cases

ITK 6.1.1 - November 2013


  • New version of NI-FBUS 4.1.1
  • Several updates (bug fixes) to the Positioner Transducer Block test cases
  • Bug fixes for OS, CS, AALM Function Block test cases
  • ITK Automation Tool is now 64-bit OS compatible (USB Version Only)
  • ITK installation detects 32-bit or 64-bit Windows and installs the appropriate OS support files.
  • Installation detects the "\Program Files\" directory of the system drive and installs the ITK in a "\Fieldbus Foundation\" folder by default, not in a folder on the system root.
  • Help documentation now shows how to wire the ITK Automation Tool for automated power cycling of 4-wire devices
  • 697 Total Test Cases
  • 7 Legacy DD/CF Test Cases

ITK 6.1.0 - January 2013

  • New version of NI-FBUS 4.1.0
  • Numerous Test Case Bug fixes or performance enhancements
  • DD Viewer updated to correct a DD5 import issue.
  • Flow Transducer and companion Flow Totalizer Function Block profiles added.
  • New Pressure Transducer Block profile support added.
  • New Analog Positioner Transducer Block profile added.
  • New Discrete Positioner Transducer Block profile added.
  • New Analog/Discrete Positioner Transducer Block profile added.
  • New Temperature (Single/Dual Sensor) Transducer Block profiles added.
  • Analog Alarm Function Block profile added.
  • Output Splitter Function Block profile added.
  • Control Selector Function Block profile added.
  • ITS interface was updated to move automation switch to the front panel of the user interface.
  • ITS interface now includes button to launch NI-FBUS.
  • Special DD/CF test schedule added for ability to test and register DD/CF files for legacy ITK Profile 4 and 5 devices.
  • 697 Total Test Cases
  • 7 Legacy DD/CF Test Cases

ITK 6.0.1 - October 2011


  • NI-FBUS 4.0.1 patch
  • Numerous Test Case Bug fixes or performance enhancements
  • 618 Total Test Cases

ITK 6.0.0 - September 2010

  • Custom Profiled Function block test cases added
  • New version of NI-FBUS 4.0.1
  • Numerous Test Case Bug fixes or performance enhancements
  • Changes in requirements as per FF-946 FS 1.0 Device ITK Profile specification, notably Field Diagnostics (NAMUR NE107) is required
  • Completely new ITS User Interface
  • The IOPLIB has been updated to be compatible with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.
  • Test system engine and test cases updated to 32-bit code
  • Support for new AT-444 USB Automation Toolkit
  • 618 Total Test Cases


H1 ITK Version 5

ITK 5.2.0 - September 2009

Updates included Positioner Transducer Block test cases to support the FOUNDATION fieldbus Positioner Transducer Block Final Specification (FF-906), which is key resource supporting the organization and integration of advanced device diagnostics within fieldbus systems. This specification provides standard definitions for positioner transducer blocks, including an analog positioner for basic and complex device access, a discrete positioner for basic and complex device access, and a combination analog/discrete positioner for basic and complex device access. It also includes parameter structure definitions for better data organization with fieldbus devices, including partial/full stroke test (PST/FST) of valves. The document conveniently groups parameters in function-based categories and offers a variety of helpful diagrams.

  • Positioner transducer block test cases added in previous release now added to the certification schedule
  • New version of NI-FBUS 3.2.3
  • Minor bug fixes and compatibility enhancements
  • Six deprecated test cases removed
  • 459 Total Test Cases
ITK 5.1.0 - December 2008Updates supported Temperature Transducer Blocks, Device Description (DD) 5.1 functionality, and Field Diagnostics Profiles enhancing organization and integration of device diagnostics within FOUNDATION fieldbus systems. Specific enhancements included: Cross-block Device Description, National Instruments (NI) Communication Driver 3.2.2, and updated DD Viewer. Other updates included support for the FF-904 Temperature Transducer Block Specification (single and dualsensor), FF-912 Field Diagnostics Profile Specification, and Resource Block parameter set to implement the Field Diagnostics Profile.
  • Field Diagnostic Profile test cases added
  • Temperature Transducer Block Profile test cases added
  • Library now supports size 4 bitstrings (DS-157).
  • Library now supports the date structure (DS-153).
  • Library now supports Field Diagnostics alert structures (DS-87, DS-88) and a Field Diagnostic simulate structure (DS-89).
  • New version of NI-FBUS version 3.2.2.
  • Automation Tool Kit update to improve performance
  • New Test Function Block version 4.0 (new kit orders)
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and compatibility enhancements
  • 465 Total Test Cases
ITK 5.0.0 - September 2006

Updates allowed testing of devices with DD 5.0 files, which provided new features focused on device data organization, graphical visualization consistency, and support for persistent data storage. Specific enhancements included: multi-bit alarm testing for both single and multi-bit alarms, which provides for more thorough testing; block instantiation as specified in the Capabilities File (CF), ensuring interoperability on a FOUNDATION fieldbus network when a block is instantiated; and testing for valid/invalid behavior during common software download, ensuring interoperability when downloading software/firmware to a device via a FOUNDATION fieldbus network.

  • FFCmnSoftDwnld.lib was added for Common Software Download test case support.
  • Instan_MVC.lib has been added for Multi-Variable Container and Block Instantiation test support.
  • Test Case Additions
    • Multi-bit alarm testing
    • Block instantiation tested based on Capabilities File
    • Common Software Download - Valid / Invalid behavior during download
  • New version of NI-FBUS 3.1.3
  • Minor bug fixes and compatibility enhancements
  • 420 Total Test Cases

H1 ITK Version 4

ITK 4.6.1 - May 2006
  • Ioplib.lib has been updated to allow for both H1 ITK and HSE ITK to run on the same machine.
  • New version of NI-FBUS 3.1.2
  • Minor bug fixes and compatibility enhancements
  • 404 Total Test Cases

In 2004, the Fieldbus Foundation Board of Directors mandated all DD/CF files must be re-registered against ITK 4.6.0 and made available on the Fieldbus Foundation’s website. In 2005, an extension was offered to the original deadline to September 2005. On August 30, 2007 the Fieldbus Foundation’s Registered Product Catalog was updated to list only those devices whose DD/CF files are registered to ITK 4.6 or above.

The web catalog maintains a list of registered devices to the current standards as set forth by the Fieldbus Foundation. The de-listing of a device from the registered catalog does not invalidate the device’s original registration certificate.

The manufacturer can return a device to the web catalog completing a new DD/CF test for the existing device, or the manufacturer can resubmit an updated device revision for a full device test and subsequent registration (if it passes the ITK). In both scenarios, both current and prior registered devices will be listed in the web catalog.

To inquire about the status of a specific registration, send us a support ticket.

  • CFF test case i9100_00 updated to support FF-103-FS1.7
  • All devices listed in online catalog (ITK 4.0.0 or higher) are required to re-register DD files to at least this version of the ITK to remain on the catalog. This was to address inconsistencies in the way different hosts handled CF files.
  • Support for Standard Pressure Transducer Block added (20 new test cases)
  • ITK Automation Toolkit AT-444 Enhancements
  • Library Updates:
    • Updated library to support custom delay before a device is power cycled
    • CheckPrompt.exe is now included as part of the ITK installation.
    • Updated library now supports devices with Common Software Download.
  • Minor bug fixes and compatibility enhancements
  • 404 Total Test Cases
ITK 4.5.1 - January 2003

95 test cases were added to the ITK to allow the testing of new function blocks. The following blocks were approved for registration once two independent member companies implement the block successfully and pass all associated test cases in the ITK:

  • Arithmetic (AR)
  • Input Selector (IS)
  • Integrator (IT)
  • Multiple Analog Input (MAI)
  • Multiple Analog Output (MAO)
  • Multiple Discrete Input (MDI)
  • Multiple Discrete Output (MDO)
  • Signal Characterizer (SC)

Other Updates:

  • The IOPLIB has been updated to be compatible with Microsoft Visual C++ version 6.0.
  • New version of NI-FBUS 2.3.6.
  • Test case i0000_01 has been re-written to fully initialize all blocks in the device, including transducer and custom blocks.
  • Added support for automatic power cycling and simulate jumper selection via a third party interface. This change affects all test cases that require manual intervention.
  • Began offering ITK Automation Toolkit AT-444
  • Added test case I0000_10 to set LM capabilities and timers
  • 384 Total Test Cases
ITK 4.0.1 - February 2001
  • Library and Test Case Bug Fixes
  • 289 Total Test Cases
From the release notes:

At the October 19, 1999 Fieldbus Foundation Board of Director's meeting, the Board decided that all the registered devices must be retested and registered using the ITK 4.0 version of the ITK. All devices that test and register using ITK 4.0 must comply with the specifications, tech-notes, and app-notes associated with ITK 4.0, as outlined in the readme.txt file of the test system.

The enclosed version 4.0 of the Interoperability Test System (ITS) contains modified test cases to bring the system into compliance with Fieldbus Foundation Specification Revision 1.4. Specification changes required modification and creation of a new testcase for AlarmSummary (I0603_06). The inclusion of ITK version number in the Resource Block required testcase modifications. The new Status Option required the creation of a new testcase for devices that have the option (I0501_12). The clarification of the PV Tracking when coming out of Bypass required the modification of testcases as well. ITK version 4.0 also includes Device Description Test Case modifications for Multiple View 3 and 4 implementations that make the test cases in line with the Application Note 2 on Multiple Views. A new test for the Common File Format Capabilities file(FF-103-1.5) is also included with this version(testcase I9100_00). Other modifications were made based on Action Requests that were resolved since the release of specification 1.4 This version of the ITK is approved for use in development, but not registration at this time. The test cases are testing AI, AO, DI, DO, and PID Function Blocks. After two independent implementations of a block are tested, the tester will be reviewed and released for registration of that block.

(This minimum requirement of ITK 4.0 must be met in order to have the registered product published in the online product catalog on our website.)

  • New testcase i0000_01: Initial Device Setup was added to initialize a device for testing.
  • Device Descriptions (DD) should be based on the Standard DD Library revision 1.966 or later
  • New testcase I0501_12 handles the new status option "Target to next permitted mode if BAD CAS_IN" (if supported by device)
  • New testcase I0603_06 tests the new AlarmSummary.Current behavior
  • Application Note 2 describes the use of multiple view 3's and 4's within a device and DD
  • Tech Note 16 outlines the use of Manufacturer Specific Data Structures within a device and Device Description (DD)
  • For I9100_00, a Common File Format (CFF) Capabilities File is needed. The specification (FF103-1.5) for creation of this file is included in the Foundation Fieldbus User Layer Technical Specifications. FF-736 contains the Common File Format Test Procedures.
  • NIFBUS 2.3.0
  • 289 Total Test Cases