How many device brands will HART Server Support for HART communications?

The HART Server can support any HART device, even if the Manufacturer and Device Type is not known

How many Devices are supported with a single OPC server at single point of time?

There is no limit; only device bandwidth limits and PC memory limits. New PCs are usually not an issue

What will be the cost for a Single OPC Server with multiple HART devices?

HART Server is licensed for one seat per PC.  There is no additional cost per number of devices configured.

Current pricing is listed on the Order Form, see our website.

Can we calibrate HART enabled devices from this OPC server?

The HART Sever requires a client software to make most changes to a HART device. The software does include a special generic client called “Generic Host”. This software uses primarily Universal Commands to read items like the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary Variables.

It also accesses Universal Commands to read and write the Tag, Long Tag, Descriptor, Message, etc.

Lastly, there are some access to Common Practice commands like changing the Engineering units.

Can we write back set points and other writable parameters from the OPC server?

The OPC interface only allows access to Read items. 

To access all writeable parameters requires a DD Enabled Host.  The HART Server is not a DD Enabled host.  

What can I use HART Server "Basic Edition" for?

The Basic Edition will allow one wired HART device to be connected. 

The Basic edition does not include multiplexer, gateway nor wireless interfaces.