The HART Server Partner Program provides source code modules and tools necessary to develop a custom PC application that can communicate through the HART Server to HART-capable devices. If you develop software to communicate with your HART field instrumentation the HART Server Partner Program can reduce development costs by eliminating the need for software upgrades with the release of each new Microsoft operating system.

The HART Server Partner Program includes:

  • Unlimited distribution rights to the HART Server 
  • Development tools and source code to assist in developing an OPC client application 
  • A sample client application with source code 
  • Tools that allow the personalization of the HART Server

FieldComm Group members who participate in the HART Server Partner Program are allowed unlimited binary distribution. No license fee is charged, however, an annual Program Maintenance fee is charged to fund continued development and ongoing support of the Server during its life cycle.

The HART Server Resources provides the necessary resources to personalize your HART Server Kit distribution.

They include product registration keys, source files for system help and user manual, installation script source, splash screen artwork, and source code for the generic host application.

The HART Server Resources disk installs to the default directory structure indicated the adjacent diagram. The kit components are summarized in the following paragraphs. Detailed documentation for each component is provided in the document subdirectory and is also available from the Windows menu system.


The build directory contains the files that are necessary to generate a distribution. The build directory is used to store your modified files and build a distributable version of the server.


The document subdirectory contains the documentation for the Partner kit.


The generic host is a fully functional OPC client. The generic host makes use of the HART pass through mechanism available in the HART Server.

The Generic Host application is distributed with the HART Server. In addition Partners are provided with all source code for the Generic Host. This subdirectory contains the application source code which may be modified to your requirements. For additional information on modifying the source code for the Generic Host see the document titled “Generic Host Source Code Overview.” If you do modify the source code you will need to follow the steps listed in the “Generic Host Installation Script” prior to distribution.


This subdirectory contains graphics for introductory screens, jewel case covers, etc. that may be modified for your own use.


Help file source and related graphics are provided in RoboHelp, ForeHelp and WinHelp formats.

Installation Scripts

 Installation script source is provided in InstallShield Version 5.5 Professional Edition file format.


The license subdirectory contains programs used to manage Registration Number Assignment. Partners may elect to use unique registration numbers for each copy of the HART Server distributed. Registration number assignment is accomplished using a Windows console application titled “opclicense”. The program uses the primary key assigned to each partner as a “seed” to generate a specified number of unique registration numbers to a delimited text file. A more complete description of this application can be found in the document “HART Server Registration Number Administration, HCF_LIT-51, Revision 1.0.”.


This subdirectory contains the source files for the server User Manual. Files are provided in both PageMaker and RTF file format.


The Server subdirectory contains all the server and generic host files necessary to rebuild a distribution. If you want to customize the  HART Server please refer to the “Server Customization Guide.” Visual Basic Tools & Visual C++ Tools The Visual Basic and C++ Tools are provided to assist in developing your client application. These are source files that can be used to assist in client development.