FieldComm Group has developed the new standard for DD enabled Host applications as an integral part of the DD-Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE). The PC based Smart Device Configurator (SDC-625) is a simple to use fully functional DD Host. It features an explorer-style device browser and a menu structure that is derived directly from the DD. All of the variables or functions for a device described in the DD can be adjusted including all universal, common practice and devices specific commands as well as diagnostic and calibration methods.

SDC-625 is designed with communications flexibility in mind. The application can communicate with a simulated device using XMTR-DD (included with the DD-IDE), a single device through a Serial Port interface or a network of devices using the HART Server. The SDC communicates with one device at a time, but multiple instances can be used to enable communications to a number of devices.

While included in the DD-IDE for test purposes, the SDC-625 can also be used as an online configurator. The SDC-625 is interoperable with all the registered DDs in the HCF HART DD Library. To use the DD enabled options of the software there is no need to change existing DDs, no additional files required and no MS-Windows programming knowledge needed. Once connected the SDC-625 seeks out the device attached to the HART modem, selects the appropriate DD and populates the menu as described. If more than one device is available a list of devices will appear for the user to select from.

Can we use SDC625 core to build "valuable open solutions"? 
This is correct; the SDC-625 core source code is available to FieldComm Group members who wish to become source code partners.

I understand, that we can make a HART master or secondary master using this core. 
The SDC-625 is an online Configurator / host program. Source code partners have the ability to transform the program from an online system to a maintenance system, asset management system or in the least an off-line configurator.

Does the SDC program include the source code? 

Yes, the SDC-625 is provided in source code. The core code is treated as open source and any changes revert to the original code.

Which language is used in SDC? 

Does it require a certain operating system? 
The SDC-625 is fully functional with Windows XP and Windows 7.

What development tool may be needed? 
The SDC-625 was developed using Visual Studio IDE.

How much work is needed to build a full-featured HART field device configurator? 

This depends on a number of variables. particularly on the complexity of the application. The FieldComm Group team will help you jump start the project by providing 2 weeks of training and the documentation available for modifying the program to meet your needs. We will also provide support for your programmers throughout their development cycle. 

I am an SDC Partner, how do I get my development questions answered?
You should make a 'New support ticket' (upper right corner of this site) and then set the selections to: 'Product Support' and in Details: 'HART Products' and then in Additional Details: 'SDC (for partners)'.

How can I purchase this tool?