System Requirements 

Computer with an available USB 2.0 Port

Computer with 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System (Windows XP, Windows7)

AT-420 H1 Interoperability Test Kit version 6.1.0 or above

Wiring Auxiliary Power

Auxiliary power can be used to power the device separately. 

Relay Power Ratings (Relays 2,3,4,5, and 6): 

1) 30 VDC@1 A

2) 110 VAC@0.3 A

3) 120 VAC@0.5 A

4) 240 VAC@0.25 A

NOTE: Exceeding these power ratings with any electrical source for the DUT will damage the AT-444

Automation Tool. 

It is recommended the use of an external relay block to control DUTs with multiple

power sources. This is the best way to have a safe test bench while also protecting the AT-444

Automation Tool from damage. An example of how to wire up a test bench follows. This example will

allow automation of power cycles for any DUT with up to three different power sources at the same

time, including the H1 bus, 24 VDC, and 110 VAC.

See attached "Automation Tool Auxiliary Power Setup.pdf" for a diagram.