Manufacturers may update the name of their device at any time before or after completing the initial registration. If a manufacturer desires to update the product name after completing the registration process, FieldComm Group will:

  • Issue an updated Registration Certificate
  • Issue an updated Conformance Report
  • Update the Product in the Product Catalog
  • Update the Product Name in the Common Tables Specification 

A Product Name Update Fee ($480) applies per Registered Product name change.

If you would like to update a Product Name, please open a support ticket and specify the following:

  • I need assistance with:  Membership Support
  • Details: Manufacturer ID/Device Type Request
  • Additional Details: select the applicable technology/protocol 
  • Subject: Update Model Name
  • Description Include the previous name and the new name.

We recommend that the FDI Device Package and Device Description files be updated with the new model name. 

Please see the EDD Registration articles for more information.