· Devices that support Block Instantiation must have at least one of each instantiable block type instantiated prior to delivery to FF. Any blocks or block types that are not instantiated will not be tested and will not be listed as having been tested on the catalog page or in the test report for the product.

· Devices that support Common Software Download must have *.ffd file(s) submitted with the DD/CFF/INI files. Device supporting CSD Class 3 should also ship to us with programming tools and a firmware image that can be flashed to the device if the test cases fail and leave the DUT in a non-useable condition.

· Wires for physical simulate and physical write protect must be included with the device sample unless these functions exist as easy-to-wire jumper pins in your device. The ITK will need to manipulate these functions under test automation. If there is no way to automate these functions, the time (and therefore the fees) to test your device will be increased. It is important to notify the test administrator at the time of lab time reservation if physical simulate or physical write lock cannot be manipulated by wire with a relay in your device design, as it will impact other work in the lab.

· Devices with 4 or 6 power wires should include the necessary power and bus wiring already attached, or should come with a wiring diagram for the appropriate connections. LABEL the wires. Devices requiring AC voltage must support US 120 V / 60 Hz AC, otherwise power converters should be sent with the device to be tested.

· A Device *.ini file for the Interoperability Test System must be provided along with the DD/CF files for each device to be tested. Please use the example.ini file in the most recent version of the ITS as a starting point to create the file for your device. This will reduce your testing time and costs. DO NOT SEND OLD INI FILES from past registrations on ITK versions 4 or 5.

· It is HIGHLY recommended that pre-certification testing be performed on the current version of the ITK prior to submitting a device to the Foundation for testing, otherwise, testing fees could be significant.

· Action Requests which will pertain to ITK test case problems for a DUT must be presented to the FieldComm Group 60 days prior to the scheduled test date allowing sufficient time for investigation.  Submit action requests online via support ticket and notify the test lab that an action request has been filed.